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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Midnight Frost Review

Title: Midnight Frost
Author: Jennifer Estep
Release Date: July, 2013
Format: Kindle/Library
Stars: 3.5 stars
Review: I'm normally a big fan of the Mythos Academy series, but this one did not tickle my fancy. I read the first four books in a row, and had to wait for this one. By the time I got around to this one, I felt like the series had lost its spark a bit (mostly Logan/Gwen lovey dovey scenes were absent). I still love Gwen to pieces and I will finish the series, but this was definitely a forgettable book. I don't want to give spoilers away, but I'm sure the final book will be a step up. This book seems like a filler or set up book for the finale, which I can respect. Oh, the plot? Gwen is nearly poisoned (and Nickamedes is poisoned!) by the Reapers, so Gwen and company go to another Mythos Academy campus, where Gwen meets some new characters and fights some more reapers! The fight scenes were great, but the new characters were kind of unnecessary, though it was interesting to hear more about Gwen's family background.

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