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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top Ten Series I Have Started, but Not Finished

1.) Vampire Academy: I read the first one when I was eighteen and dear lord, did I love this series! I have only the last book to read, but I just haven't picked it up and probably won't unless I do a reread of the entire series. Rose Hathaway = best female character in a long time!

2.) Wither: The first book was so creepy good, but the human trafficking/statutory rape kind of turned me off. Not to mention, the love interest was super boring. I have Fever on my to-read list at the library, so there may still be hope!

3.) The Mortal Instruments: Read the first two, most likely won't pick up the rest. I found CC's writing to be exhausting to read (half of it could be cut out) and the movie casting seriously ruined the images in my head. Jace Wayland (or whatever his real last name is) deserved so much better than Jamie Campbell Bower.

4.) Graceling: I hated Graceling at the beginning and loved it at the end. Fire is on my to-be-read list and I promise to pick it up this year!

5.) Blue Bloods: I LOVED BLUE BLOODS! But the last book (the fifth, I believe?) did not keep my interest at all. More Jack/Schuyler and I'm a happy girl!

6.) Divergent: I didn't make it through the first Divergent and refuse to try and reread it. I do not get the love AT ALL for this book.

7.) Across the Universe: I liked the first book, the second was meh, but the covers were so beautiful. Until they changed them! The final book is on my life and I will probably read it sometime this year.

8.) The Wolves of Mercy Falls: This is a series I'm not sure why I haven't finished as Shiver was flawless. I have been meaning to pick up the author's other books, but alas, here I am.

9.) Hereafter: Another beautiful cover for a 'meh' book. I have no strong opinions about the series, but I should probably finish it just because I started it and didn't totally hate the book. This clearly needs to be a rule of mine.

10.) The Iron Fey: I love this series, but it's gotten lost amongst other books I want to read. This is another author I want to start another series with, but so much to read, so little time!

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